Let's go back to the early days... Benn Lian (aka Joris Biesmans) was born on the 13th December 1983 in Hasselt, Belgium. At the early age of 13, he was already intrigued by the scene and together with his big brother he opened a small and cosy club were they threw intimate parties for friends & family. Armed with a second-hand mixer, a tape deck and two old cd-players Benn took charge of the music and he immediately lost his heart to the 4/4 beat.
As the years passed, Benn searched for his own musical identity and started to develop his own and unique style of music. This ‘identity’ got him noticed by some very influential people in the club scene and in no time he was playing in both small and big clubs all over the country. But Belgium wasn’t enough. He aimed for international fame with some great gigs in The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Ibiza, Thailand and even Tokyo Japan. Over the years he rocked not only clubs, but also large parties and festivals with his infamou