Sparky Dog Feat. Cat Martin

Already a household name under his award winning K90 guise and armed to the teeth with a production portfolio bursting with hits, Mark Doggett launches the latest chapter of an already glittering production and performing career in the summer 2008 marking the advent of his Sparky Dog alter ego. Originally conceived as quirky one off remix project (K90 Presents Night Terrors - Sleepwalking), it was soon clear that from the feedback received to the Sparky Dog version of the track that the evolution of this complete, all round uber producer was about to take on a new and exciting dimension. Described as ‘a fusion of house, electro, tech house with a sprinkling of trance’ and coupled with Mark’s undoubted pedigree as a writer, it should have come as no real surprise when his latest incarnation was so well received. On the flip side Mark is also experienced enough to know that in an ever changing, constantly evolving dance music industry, nothing can ever be taken for granted.