Cenk Basaran

Cenk Basaran hails from the country of Turkey. After buying Turntables and a mixer he developed himself as a DJ and started working with Eazt Productions in 2004.

He began his career performing in clubs in Turkey. In this time he has supported many famous DJs such as Johan Gielen, Scot Project, Robert Gitelman,Andy Moor..etc. After a couple of years, wishing to reach everybody with his sound, he began producing, and started working in the studio on his own tracks.

He shared his first two tracks "Lost Memories" and "Red Alert" with Sean Tyas and the Recoverworld team, and after receiving his support, he joined the Recoverworld family.

Cenk's first tracks Lost Memories & Red Alert ,which were climed up to 3rd place on Beatport, were supported by lots of famous DJs and producers, such as Paul Van Dyk,Sean Tyas,Bjorn Akesson, Guiseppe Ottaviani ,Fabio Stein,Aly & Fila and many others.
Nowadays, Cenk has almost a full schedule because of the Di.Fm radio shows and new trance and techno tracks.