It’s good to be wanted but when your name is JFK you’re always top of peoples hit list and in the last 15 years JFK has risen to the top of just about everyone’s.

JFK has secured constantly strong positions (no’s 85, 53 and 35) in DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ and in Mixmag he was voted the country’s favourite resident DJ.

Judge Jules after discovering his talents gave personal instruction for JFK to be taken on to his DJ agency, SERIOUS.

JFK’s joined record label Y2K, and they were so keen for him to record a track for them that head honcho Ben Beardsworth (the man who helped develop the Prodigy on XL Records) personally got involved in the negotiations. 3 club anthems followed. Good God (UK Chart 67), The Sound of Blue (No. 75) and the pinnacle of his productions to date - Whiplash which nearly broke the UK Top 40 chart without any radio play (no. 46) Clearly showing that DJ’s were playing his records and the clubbing masses were loving it.

JFK’s success as a producer and an entertaining DJ, have seen his services wanted worldwide with a list of over 20 countries employing his abilities to rock a crowd. In the UK his unique talent has caused him to be recognised by all major super clubs and festival organisers wanting him on their nights to inject a little of his special atmosphere in a way that only he can.

JFK was part of the original Passion team that debuted at The Emporium Coalville in 1996, his DJ residency led to him being asked to lead the promotions from 1998 and his drive end energy helped propel the sleepy town to national notoriety with international DJs visiting on a weekly basis.

Ever since JFK was a young man djing at his School Disco at lunch break under the catchy DJ title of ‘Jason Kinch’ he has simply just wanted to make people dance to have a good time.

‘I’ve always been an entertainer, not an educator’ he was one famously quoted in DJ mag.

To him playing music is always about enjoyment, a challenge to make people lose their inhibitions and let themselves free on the dance floor.

A constant battle of how to connect with the majority of people in that one room to make them all crazy in one massive explosive moment.

That feeling where you hear a track come in and you cannot stop yourself from letting out a collective cry.

Even at the start of his career he always excelled at Classics sets, never too proud to celebrate the best of music that has influenced the soundtrack to our lives, he thrives on the feeling of anticipation of the next track.

With a career now spanning over two decades there is certainly enough experience to lean on.

‘I have been fortunate enough to have played alongside and listen to all of my heroes’ he recently blogged.

Who can forget having the amazing ‘Alison Limerick’ singing ‘where love lives’ at his birthday bash, seeing him play a three way back to back with his beloved ‘Armin Van Buuren’ and ‘Ferry Corsten’, watching ‘Above & Beyond’ perform their first ever live set and witnessing Tiestos last ever UK club gig.
But all along the way his love of the Classics nights has never swayed.

He researches the crowd, the club and the people whilst trying to keep current classics mixed with quality memories.

When he played the legendary six hour ‘The Return’ in 2005 four weeks of planning went into that one set alone. Perfection takes time to build

He is now pushing new boundaries and sourcing new talent whilst taking Passion to the next level.

JFK knows what it’s all about to be wanted. It’s good to be JFK!!