Dan Norvan/Diher (Diego Herrera). entered the EDM scene when he have 10 years. he started listen the trance genre with mauro picotto, gigi d'agostino and tiesto.

time after he entry on the production on amateurs labels. on 2015 is a good year for him. have support from "Aly & Fila, Allen & Envy, Woody van Eyden, Alex Morph, Markus Schulz, Nifra, and many more artist for armada music and anothers label".

in this time have the oportunity of play in local events,
highlighting for the new progressive style like the single "Phantom". with support from markus schulz.

Dan Norvan is a complete producer, have another alias like "Diher". Uplifting trance producer name. with nice support from big djs like Allen & Envy, Aly & Fila. 2016 has a amazing year with Dan Norvan