The XIAN project was born 2015 in Santiago de Chile, with Cristian Soto Vanelli as the only member. His passion for trance dates from the time of school in 1994, at that time listening to Astral Projection and later in the decade of 2000, projects like Lange, ATB and NU NGR (his favorites until today).

XIAN recently born, due to currently longer available to compose and produce music. His first production was the single "Live your dream" in collaboration with the Dutch singer "The Entranced" and was signed by the "Pulsar Recordings" label. A year later would come the second single "Losing You," with voices of the same singer, plus a re-release of the original track and under the same label. While this track was published on March 7, 2016, it was published the same day "Carpe Diem", under the label "Masive Trance Records", from the German producer, Rene Ablaze, something never intended for a novel producer of the genre.

Xian today is working on new productions, with different styles. The main feature that stands out is not to be typecast in a certain style, but open new horizons in each track, according to the feeling he wants to express each of them.