DJ/producer Hassan Jewel was born on April 30th 1988 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A band guitarist from the young age of 8, his background with musical structure allowed him at age 14 to discover a perfect harmony that he had never experienced before, inciting him to leave his band days behind him and start actively exploring the world of electronic music. Hassan Jewel’s influences began with Neal Scarborough, who ignited his budding passion in electronic music. Hassan Jewel now counts Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas and John O’Callaghan amongst other DJs who have influenced and continue to influence his DJing style. Hassan Jewel’s music can be categorised as Tech trance and techno. SUPPORT FROM: Aly & Fila - Paul van Dyk - Paul Oakenfold - John Askew - Bryan Kearney - Simon Patterson - Indecent Noise - Sneijder - Giuseppe Ottaviani - Manuel Le Saux - Arctic Moon - Yoji Biomehanika and many more.