Péter Lipics was born in 1984, in Pécs, Hungary.
He has always been interested in music, but he has only dreamt to make his own music and get it released.
After several years of persistent work his dreams came true as he had his first songs released.
Thanks to his persistence, ambition and enormous willpower he has achieved his dream.
He found his trail in 2000 when he became interested in electronic music.
Soon he himself began to make music and since then has been composing trance music,
obsesed with the melodic and euphoric atmosphere of the world of trance/tech-trance.
Over the years his songs have reached many electronic music fans as well as top producers
and dj's in Hungary and in abroad too.
The instructive criticism he received inspired him to make the very best of his music.

In 2007 his friend, Exitvibes kindly asked him to make the remix of his song titled Moon,
which was released in June, 2007.
His first single, Find the Trail was released in October, 2007.
Peter is obsessed with electronic music and wants to progress further and further in his work.
He is perfectionist, thus he tries to do his best in his music.

In 2010 he switched to Mac and using Cubase.
His studio is still changing,
as it is continously being expanded, but his enthusiasm for composing new tracks remains relentless.
His motto is: "Dream are meant to be achieved."