Alan first discovered the art of mixing records back in 97 in his friends house with a budget set of turntables and basic mixer set up on the bedroom floor.He instantly fell in love with the whole idea of being able to mix 2 at once . Alan's background for dance music started in the early 90's with Happy Hardcore dominating his CD collection which in late years turned into Trance & Hard House . In 2000 Alan started doing his first live gigs in his local pubs auction room . He continued to play small venue and bars until 2004 were he went on his first trip to Ibiza. This is where Alan discovered House music and realised that it was a fun well respected and mature genre of music . When Alan returned from Ibiza he quickly started introducing House music to his sets which took people by surprise as he was labeled as a Trance & Hard House DJ ONLY, this in turn opened up new doors were he landed his first set in Dublin and was also taking bookings for more events outside his usual circle .The music scene went through some real changes in 2006 and with that Alan's style of Doing did too . He began to play a lot of Progressive Trance & House. With the recession consuming the country Alan moved to Australian in 2008 were he lived till 2012 , bringing the Progressive Trance & House sound with him . When returning to Ireland in 2012 he quickly rediscovered his love for full on Trance once more. Landing a new weekly show on Dublin based Tonik Radio every friday in 2013 were he showcased all his favourite genres of dance music over 4 hours of radio . The rules on the radio were clear " Strictly No Trance above 135' before 6pm . After playing for 6 months on Tonik Radio and getting tired of playing the same progressive Trance & House Alan stumbled across a new genre of music "TECH HOUSE". This brought a whole new energy level to his weekly show and a huge range of variety . Tonik Radio finished in 2015 but Alan quickly found himself a new position on a brand new live interactive internet stream called KickstreamTV where he held a 2 hour weekly slot, showcasing all his favourite genres including his beloved Trance . Through these shows Alan began to incorporate Hard House & Hard Dance once again but with a more mature approach . So what can you expect from this man as a DJ ? A broad spectrum of Dance music across a large quantity of genres and depending on what time slot he has at an event . If its a warm up slot anything from Progressive House ,Tech House & Techno and as a get them sweating slot full on Trance, Hard Trance & Hard House would be on the menu. So now 20 years on with a string of his very own productions released on some of the UK's leading dance labels his future is shaping up to be pretty bright .