Various Artists - Big Room Los Angeles

Its been a massive year for Trance and a massive year for The Recoverworld Label Group. To celebrate the success, the UK's biggest and favourite purveyor of underground music, heads over to the USA to bring you Big Room Los Angeles!

Synonymous with glitz, glamour, hopes and dreams, LA -LA land is fast becoming one of the main destinations to head to, hosting some of the biggest DJ's in the World.

This album is rammed with some of the biggest trance tracks of 2014. Lostly and Manue Le Saux are Lost Man, Peter Hulsmans shows his True Identity, Thomas Datt thinks its 1983, Inertia is in The Chamber, Dreamy is Outraged, Mostfa & Mostfa have Gravitational Singularity, Gary Maguire is Rewinding Time and 2Trancy plays us Track One!

Tinsel Town - are you ready?


  • Glynn Alan - Realise (Original Mix)
  • David Rust - Monolith (Original Mix)
  • Peter Hulsmans - True Identity (Club Mix)
  • Gareth Weston - Drop Bear (Original Mix)
  • Dreamy - Outraged (Original Mix)
  • Mostfa & Mostfa - Grativational Singularity (Original Mix)
  • Lostly & Manuel Le Saux - Lost Man (Original Mix)
  • 2Trancy - Track One (Original Mix)
  • Ally Brown & Rhys Thomas - Nitric (Darren Porter Remix)
  • Gary Maguire - Rewinding Time (Original Mix)
  • Matthew Dunne - Midnight Blue (Original Mix)
  • Inertia - The Chamber (Indecent Noise Remix)
  • Thomas Datt - 1983 (Astuni and Manuel Le Saux Re-Lift)
  • Katy Rutkovski - Revive (Original Mix)
  • Lostly - Gone Again (Original Mix)
'Big Room Los Angeles' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.