Chris and Matt Kidd - Obsessive / Compulsive

As part of the Discover nu-breed Chris and Matt Kidd continue with a string of scheduled releases and remixes with this tech trance excursion on the dark side of the Discover camp.

The original mix of Obsessive runs with frantic percussion driven pace and style and plenty of hits and stabs and more than the occasional 303. The trance riff in the breakdown lifts things nicely before its back to heads down no nonsense filth.

Compulsive takes things darker still with more than a passing nod to the classic techno sounds of labels such as Bush and Intec.

Finally, Peetu S unashamedly kicks the living shit out of us all with his no nonsense mix that oozes dirt and sleaze from every note.

Pure class.


  • Chris Kidd & Matt Kidd - Obsessive (Original Mix)
  • Chris and Matt Kidd - Compulsive (Original Mix)
  • Chris Kidd & Matt Kidd - Obsessive (Peetu S Remix)
'Obsessive / Compulsive' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.