K90 - Hyper Intelligence 2008

It's a rare thing but on this occasion, we don't really feel the need to have to try and hype up the twelfth release on the label but what we will say is that it is of true dance floor pedigree - K90's classic anthem – Hyper Intelligence! Brought bang up to date with a superb remix from Cream Ibiza and Heat resident Ian Betts, the release also features the immortal Original 99 Mix which should serve to be the perfect prelude to the next batch of K90 ‘hands in the air moments' and the arrival of the brand new K90 artist album ‘CRASH!' (Due out in October 08). This one will have you reaching for the glow sticks!


  • K90 - Hyper Intelligence 2008 (Ian Betts Remix)
  • K90 - Hyper Intelligence 2008 (Original 99 Mix )
'Hyper Intelligence 2008' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.