Various Artists - Dark Sessions (Mixed by Chris Hampshire)

The first studio mix album from the Recoverworld stable in nearly two years focuses firmly on the dark end of the trance music spectrum.

This double CD is aimed at clubbers and DJ’s alike consisting of a mix CD for the clubbers and an unmixed CD of exclusive or previously unavailable tracks for CD DJ’s.

The mix itself sees a welcome return to the spotlight of DJ, Producer and owner of the powerhouse label group that is Recoverworld, Chris Hampshire.

His energetic mix crams 19 tracks into 80 minutes to keep the energy levels high and the pace at break neck speed. Not a CD for the faint hearted, the album moves from breaks, through to techno on to tech trance before finishing on the darker tip of the trance music spectrum.

The album has already been given Mixmag “Album of the Month” for March together with a host of other favorable reviews.


  • John Askew - Battery Acid (Force Mass Motion Remix)
  • Gate 42 - Danger (Original Mix)
  • John Askew - The Advent of Us (Original Mix)
  • Danny Oliveira - Drop It Your Love (John O'Callaghan Remix)
  • Hampshire and Weatherley - Breathless (Ali Wilson's Tekelec Remix)
  • Bryan Kearney - More to Life (Original Mix)
  • Aled Mann - Cause & Effect (Gate 42 Remix)
  • Bissen - Impact (Original Mix)
  • John O'Callaghan - Assembler (Original Mix)
  • Ben Gold - Ten 4 (Original Mix)
  • Sly One vs Jurrane - Timebomb (Tom Colontonio Remix)
  • Greg Downey - Jaws (Original Mix)
  • The Viceroy - End Game (Joint Operations Centre Remix)
  • Mekk V - Save Your Soul (Dark Dub)
  • The Viceroy - Affirmative Action (Chris Hampshire Edit)
  • Greg Downey - Grade A (Original Mix)
  • Frontline - Halfway Home (Peetu S Remix)
  • Tom Colontonio - Suspect (Apogee Remix)
  • Van Eyden and Hampshire ft. Shane 54 - Futuristic (Club Mix)
  • Chris Hampshire - Dark Sessions (Continuous DJ Mix)
  • John Askew - The Advent of Us (Pedro Delgardo Remix)
  • Danny Oliveira - Drop It Your Love (DJ Jack Makes You Drop Remix)
  • The Viceroy - Affirmative Action (Original Mix)
  • Tom Colontonio - Suspect (Original Mix)
  • Axel Karakasis - Detection (Original Mix)
'Dark Sessions (Mixed by Chris Hampshire)' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.