Will Rees - Drop Acid / Alkaline EP

Now on its 44th release, Discover's tech trance imprint has developed down the years to be less about trance and more about techno with every release.

Summing that up nicely is Discover Dark debutant Will Rees who delivers us this double hammer blow of 303 fierceness mixed in with some suitably sparce riff action. This is heads down pure filth darkness. And thats just "Drop Acid"!!

With "Alkaline" Will keeps up the 303 growls but adds yet more old skool action with some cheekily placed rave stabs whilst still keeping up the relentless pace.

Its filthy and we love it!!


  • Will Rees - Drop Acid (Original Mix)
  • Will Rees - Alkaline (Original Mix)
'Drop Acid / Alkaline EP' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.