K90 - Eternal 20

In 1992 a fresh faced producer from the Eastern Counties of England stepped off the train at Ladbroke Grove Tube Station in West London en route to his first ever encounter in a recording studio.

That studio was located in the basement of the Kickin' Records office in Westbourne Park Road.

Three energy filled days and nights followed locked deep inside the workings of the successful London Hardcore label, and on the fourth day the 'One Love EP' was complete.
The EP was released to reasonable acclaim but little did the young man know that he was at the beginning of an epic voyage into the hedonistic world of dance music.
After the debut 'One Love' release things moved slowly for the gifted prodigy, far too slowly for someone who had now peered through the looking glass into a magical, musical world full of temptation and promise.

An unquenchable thirst to succeed had taken over his mind, body and soul and he was now in the grips of an addiction to music that he knew would be part of him for the rest of his life

A period of musical experimentation and personal soul searching followed when the young man was introduced to the bleeps and squelches of the Roland TB303, a chance meeting that would inspire a change in musical styles.

The change in direction proved to be a informed one and paid dividends almost instantly when he landed two of his new productions (The House is Mine and Feel the Pressure) on a small independent record label based in his home town of Cambridge - Clueless Records

The Clueless offerings proved to be an inspirational catalyst to a rapidly unfolding story, and soon after came the defining release - 'Genesis' on London based label and record shop Choci's Chews.
A regular inhabitant of Choci's was Radio One DJ - Danny Rampling who snapped up the track on white label leading to a succession of repeat plays on his massively popular Friday night radio show 'Love Groove Dance Party' .

Following the landmark release on Choci's, interest from other labels began to emerge and it was soon clear that a more stable base was required, and after careful deliberation and selection an affiliation was formed with long term pier Pablo Gargano and Eve Records.

The partnership lasted for several fruitful years amounting to a number of high profile single releases and the now legendary 'Urban Anthems' album which contained without question one of the now well established artists biggest and most well known releases to date – 'Red Snapper'
Following on from a long and prolific relationship with 'Eve Records' the love affair with the dance music industry continued with the launch of his own label 'Dataless Recordings' imprint in 2004.
The pace had now well and truly been set and three more successful artist albums followed - 'The Inner Limits', 'Destinations' and Crash! cementing the now globetrotting artists place as one of the most popular and successful producers and performers to ever come out of the industry.

In 2012, after years of groundbreaking album and genre defining single releases, coupled with his trademark live and DJ performances around the globe, this ever popular producer, performer and DJ celebrates his twentieth year in the music industry.

To commemorate such a landmark occasion a collection of his best work has been fused together to create one all powerful album release.

The man behind the phenomenon is Mark Doggett.
The name behind the music is K90.
The album to complete the story is Eternal 20.
2012 will once again see Mark 'centre stage' - a place where he was obviously born to be for a series of special K90 'Eternal 20' live and DJ performances and you too can be part of it.


  • AlexMo - Gone Away (K90 Rework - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Above The Clouds (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Dirty Games (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • Steve Blake - Get a Rush (K90 Remix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Axis (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Breathe (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Cosmos (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Chemical Love (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Energize (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Ghosts in the Machine (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Malaya (New Wave Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Hyper Intelligence (Ian Betts Remix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Liberated (Feat. Nikita) (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Super Space (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Into The Future (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Red Snapper (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Deliverance (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Bomb Jack (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Genesis (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
  • K90 - Form of Life (Original Mix - E20 Edit)
'Eternal 20' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.