Rich Smith - Kill the Lights, Vol. 2

Matt Hardwick launched the "Kill The Lights" label in 2008. With a solid set of releases under its belt - the label gained a reputation for being one of the most exciting new labels on the scene.

Releases from Kill The Lights gained the support of DJ's including Above and Beyond, Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk and attracted some of the worlds most exciting new producers. With originals and remixes from the likes of Matt Hardwick, John Askew, Ben Gold, Filo and Peri, Duderstadt and John O'Callaghan, the label quickly set the benchmark for cutting-edge dance music.

Fast forward to 2014 and as the label celebrates its 8th year, we have turned to one of the labels most successful newcomers, Rich Smith, to create a compilation bringing together some of the labels key releases into two outstanding themed continuous DJ mixes.

Rich Smith who has released two singles with Kill The Lights, now returns to the label with this double compilation album. Rich approached the album with a strong theme; splitting the mixes into two. The 'Lights On' mix features 12 tracks encompassing 130-136BPM while 'Lights Off' takes it up a notch with a 14 track mix at 138-140BPM.

Rich has also showed his commitment to regular DJ mixes, running his own NuPassion podcast and contributing regularly to the Recoverworld Podcast with a series of exclusive guest mixes.

Kill The Lights, Vol. 2 highlights everything that makes KTL one of the UK's leading trance labels and a perfect showcase for this exciting, up-and-coming DJ.

So turn on, turn up and don't forget to Kill The Lights.


  • Peter Hulsmans - Midheaven (Lisa's Theme)
  • Peter Santos - Supernova (Sygma Remix)
  • Matt Hardwick Feat Melinda Gareh - Supernal (Progressive Vocal Mix)
  • David Newsum - Spank Bank (Activa Deep Mix)
  • Matt Hardwick Feat. Senadee - In My Mind (Thomas Datt Dub)
  • Jonathan vanAtom - In Color (Digital X Remix)
  • Fast Distance - Nuit Blanche (Tucandeo Remix)
  • Ben Gold Feat. Senadee - Today (Thomas Datt Vocal Mix)
  • Peter Santos - Solarstorm (Original Mix)
  • Liam Wilson - Hidden Adventure (Original Mix)
  • Michael Dow - Ursa Major (Original Mix)
  • Peter Hulsmans - Edge of Sanity (John Dopping Reflection)
  • Ehren Stowers - Elusive (Original Mix)
  • Jonathan vanAtom - Sunstruck (Original Mix)
  • Christian Drost - In This World (Original Mix)
  • Various Artists - Memoria (Original Mix)
  • Peter Hulsmans & Tiff Lacey - Possibility (Vocal Mix)
  • Rich Smith - Laser Kiss (Original Mix)
  • Ex-Driver - Final Approach (Original Mix)
  • Ehren Stowers - Phase 2 (Original Mix)
  • Rich Smith - Theatre of Stars (Original Club Mix)
  • Rich Smith - Boutique Tronic (Original Mix)
  • Rich Smith - Digital Flamenco (Liam Wilson Remix)
  • Ehren Stowers - Forgotten (Original Mix)
  • Adham Ashraf - Nile (Tasso's In Denial Remix)
  • Agustin Servente - Esturion (Liam Melly Remix)
  • Rich Smith - Kill the Lights, Vol. 2 (Continuous 'Lights On' Mix)
  • Rich Smith - Kill the Lights, Vol. 2 (Continuous 'Lights Off' Mix)
'Kill the Lights, Vol. 2' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.