Thomas Datt - Here and Now (feat. Ben Heyworth) / 1983

First featured on Thomas Datt's debut artist album 'Picking Up The Pieces'. 'Here and Now' and '1983' were always destined to be singles.

Both now feature for the first time in their full, extended glory including Datt's collaboration with vocalist Ben Heyworth taking pole-position. Ben's superb voice complements perfectly the retro-style production from Datt.

'1983' continues the 80s-theme, this time as an instrumental, combining the chunkiest of basslines with Datt's melodic intricacies.

With remixes just around the corner - this release looks set to grace playlists and turntables well into the European summer.


  • Thomas Datt - Here and Now (feat. Ben Heyworth) (Extended Mix)
  • Thomas Datt - 1983 (Extended Mix)
'Here and Now (feat. Ben Heyworth) / 1983' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.