Icone - Astra (Mike Van Fabio Remix)

It's been 10 years since Icone's Astra was released as the second ever single on Flux Delux.

Now in 2014, epic peak time trance producer Wim Van Gelder in his 'Icone' guise returns to Flux Delux with the release of his debut artist album 'Sagittarius' this September and we're unleashing a brand new remix of 'Astra' to celebrate the originals 10 year anniversary.

'Astra' is an absolutely epic production - and we really do mean epic, made all the stronger by Polish Trance producer Mike Van Fabio who has provided his own absolutely outstanding interpretation here. It's big, it's powerful and did we mention that it's epic?

Welcome back Icone.


  • Icone - Astra (Mike Van Fabio Remix)
  • Icone - Astra (Original Mix)
'Astra (Mike Van Fabio Remix)' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.